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Thursday, 3 February 2011

I really can't wait to be back to Bali!

There are several things I miss so much about Bali :
1. My friends.
I have plenty of best friends and would love to spend time with them again
2. Easy access
Even though the traffic now is getting crazier, transporting in Bali is more convenience because everything is just a stone throw and accessible because I only drive motorbike =)) To be honest, I dont want to drive car in Bali, because roads are too narrow and, again, too much traffic so you will be stuck for hours
3. The weather
I cannot say that Bali is not polluted, at least it's less polluted compare to Jakarta and Surabaya. Another thing, the weather is much friendlier in Bali where people like to spend time outside the house rather than wasting money and energy for aircon and fan.
4. Hang out
Bali has so many free places to visit, so if you're really out of cash there are budget friendly places to visit. So there is no reason not to hang out with your friends
5. Natural Environment
well I know that nowadays there are several villa built that destroy the natural environment. I myself wouldn't ever again go swimming or surfing in the ocean just like before, but being close with nature can only be done while I'm in Bali. Err, in England too, but as there are many cool outdoor places, why would you spend time being inside the room?? Beside, it's the reason why I chose to move to Bali, to be close with nature. toh?


I'm in between sad and excited to get back to Bali, but yeah, i have to get back. See you again in one month surabaya :)



By Blogger Ladyulia, at 4 February 2011 at 07:00  

I'm sorry for the comment before
I open 5 blog
and I thought its my friend's box of comment,hehhehe
Happy holiday yaaaaaa
enjoy Bali :D

By Blogger Ladyulia, at 4 February 2011 at 07:06  

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