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Another Night in Paradise...

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Finally... finally...
Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Life is about pursuing dream, get excited of being a living creature who can think and act. Without it, life is so sour and you'll be bored waking up everyday just to experience the same story you had the previous day.

Never been in life I am so happy like I feel now. It was like a long story since I got back from the UK. Finally I have a passion in life. I have a dream I have to pursue, and those all started from a simple thing : a need of something different in life.

Life doesn't jump to a big loop, and it's not a story like a fairy tale. Sometimes you'll find that your dream is real but it's just like your other regular day. But when you seize your day, you can feel your adrenaline rush and suddenly everything you want is on your hand.

It was started from a single wish of mine and soon Skets Project is coming :)


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