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Another Night in Paradise...

Hi I'm Salsa
Do whatever you want, be whatever you want...


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SKETS Project Webstore
Bali Based Designer Webstore

The Accessories of Skets Project from Red Curve
Monday, 22 November 2010

I can tell that the accessories from Red Curve is really attractive.

And The Skets Project team will give great discount for the readers of my blog. Just comment on this page for the code, don't forget to mention your email :)

Click http://www.sketsproject.com/?cat=12 to view more


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The change
Tuesday, 16 November 2010

If you ask me what I have learned so far by operating this fashion website, my only answer is :

I wouldn't buy anything produced for mass.

I learned that mass production is another way of imperialism, another way of keeping the third world countries poor, so that the third world countries will be dependent to the developed countries for export demand. If they're dependent, the developed country will be controlling everything including freedom of speech, education, and human rights.


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Becoming a model
Friday, 5 November 2010

I never consider myself as a confident person, and sometimes I thought I am not beautiful. I like to pose but never for professional matters. But this time I don't have other option to not pose professionally for my online shop www.sketsproject.com. It was quite sudden, luckily we got everything we needed for a photo shooting except the model! My partner suggested me to be the model, but I was quite nervous! But then I tried to pose, and..... voilaaa.... here are some of the results.

ps. Becoming a professional model is very hard. I know that this isn't perfect. but yeah, I have tried my best. Pardon me if I wasn't that good. Good advice needed ;)


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I'm your old friend
Thursday, 4 November 2010

It's kinda long since my last update. Things happen, the latest news was me and N both agreed to plan our marriage. It's kinda awkward since I don't look like I'm excited. I was excited, since I tried so hard to bring him into this decision, but now I feel like afraid to have new life, as I will move to UK permanently if we get married later.

Other things also happened, as I now don't know where I must take my step to. I don't know what I shall do or I should be interested. I am numb. Maybe I will enter to another phase...



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