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New beginning
Friday, 28 January 2011

There were a lot of things happening lately which I felt quite hard for my life to live, but it wasn't an option for not having it happened, it was a part of life which I had to experience. My granny has died, and I wasn't able to see her for the last time because my ego for not coming back to my home town even though she had asked me to see her at the last moment before she passed away. That was my biggest regret.

Before and after that, life was quite hard for me, especially when I was away from N, but we find it good as we know that we now cannot live away from each other so next time we meet we will not be separated again.

Another news is a pause for online selling at SketsProject.com. Because my partner had another project so she had to leave to another town, I had to focus on my offline sales and will little bit neglect the online shop, I mean, will not update it but of course I will be monitoring and happy to answer all of the question.

So nite nite for you all, CU

salsa xxxx


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