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Science and me
Tuesday, 21 September 2010

I am lately really curious with Science, Universe, and faith. I watched soooooo many episode of Factual program about universe on BBC iPlayer. I have watched the episode explaining about 4 main element of earth, the emperor of Solar System, and many of others. I might be just watching some of few science program, but it changed me a lot, it made me questioned about everything and it definitely change the way I am thinking.

The universe is made by just only chemical reactions, it all contains of those elements we learnt in the school. It truly is.

Those small things in the universe clashed to each other, attracted other small objects, evolved, processing, forming together to create big massive things you may call as planets, stars, etc. The universe is never created nor ended. It's always there, forming, becoming something, clashing, and re-forming. It's always like that. I was confused about those chemical reaction. If universe is full of chemical reaction, then how about creatures? how did chemical elements create a cell, a micro-biotic objects which form to create creatures that live on earth? I know that creatures in earth began from single cell of algae billion years ago, then those evolved to multi creatures earth having now.

But I got that answer from a children encyclopedia book : The DNA of a cell is made by hydrogen, carbon and oxygen. So yes, HUMAN IS A CHEMICAL REACTION.

So the universe is about forming, attracting, evolving, then clashing. It will not end, but it will reform by using the crashed previous elements to make a new better thing.

And that's how a life should be.


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