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Catch Your Dream
Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Sometimes we think that we're miserable, failed, insecure and then we see so many quotes written beautifully and we reposted it here and there just to get ourselves inspired with that. It's actually a beginning of new you and then slowly, without you ever realized, you have changed to a better person. Then you set yourself to a different level of life and then you dare to dream. And again, slowly without realizing that, you get your dream.

But a dream is not an illusion, it is real and it is part of a life. A dream is not an end of everything where you can live happily ever after, it does continue to something infinity. That's what happen to me and people behind SKETS Project : It comes up to fight, a reason for us to alive and keep our spirit, something good that we made in life.

I'd like to thank most to my bf who had supported me for the last 6 months, Yenni Zen : I know we didn't made it that way but sure we can make it another way, Yudha, Yogha, Mba dinda and Neni for never ending supports to supply the products, Mba Iren : Fotonya belum ke upload ya mba, Irin, and everyone who support Sketsproject.

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