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4 important things and caffeine
Saturday, 24 July 2010

Yeah yeah I'm not yet finished doing my project, but from here I do understand lots of thing called hard working, commitment, patient, and believing. Without those 4 words, life is just boring and you never feel happy. I just made list about things I should do, calculation about the expenses before I leave to UK and trust me, I dont want to see it that much! Just want to organize everything well.

I learned what commitment means after my friend offered me a week-job with good money. I refused his offer even though I can use the money for my pocket money to go to UK and I was glad I made right decision because when I see the list of what I should do I it takes 1000% of my focus to get it done well. I never imagined if I have to share my focuses with the job he offered then none of them will be finished.

Hard working is needed to get everything done well on time. You need to keep lighten up your spirit for this.

Patient and believing is the fire for your spirit. Nothing will be perfectly done at the beginning that's why you need patient to do your work and a believe that there will be a big reward after you have done everything perfectly. Remember that it's the end you enjoy, but mostly the process to get it done ;)

Well...., I think I need some caffeine to boast my mood finishing work tonight


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